Computer Science Department, IIT

A CS 401 or CS 402 Proficiency/Waiver Examination can only be taken by students who have mastered the CS 401 or CS 402 course material through significant industrial experience. (See Placement and Proficiency Exams for details.) To take a Proficiency Examination, you must get written approval from a Graduate Advisor and the Department Chairman. The department secretary will contact you to set the date, time, and location of the exam if your request is approved. You cannot take any waiver exams after the start of your third semester in the CS department at IIT. An exam can be taken only once. The exams are closed book and closed notes.

Date: __________________________
Name: ________________________________________________________________
Student Id: __________________________
Email: __________________________
Phone: __________________________

I am applying to take a Proficiency Examination for  ____ CS 401 ____ CS 402. (Choose one only.)

Have you taken CS 401 at IIT? ____ Yes ____ No.

(If you marked "Yes", you are not eligible to take the CS 402 Proficiency Examination.)

In the space below describe your software industry experience related to CS 401 or CS 402. (Use additional sheets if necessary.)

Graduate Advisor Department Chair

Last updated August 28, 2005