Form CS 10: Application for Graduate Teaching Assistantship

This form is for current graduate students only — all prospective graduate students are automatically evaluated for a Teaching Assistantship at the time of their application to the graduate program.

Instructions: Attach a one 1-page résumé to this form and submit it to the Computer Science Department receptionist, or mail the documents to the following address:

Illinois Institute of Technology, Computer Science Department
Stuart Building, Room 236
10 West 31st Street
Chicago IL 60616
ATTN: TA Application Coordinator

If you wish to request financial aid in the form of a research or teaching assistantship, please fill in the information below. Please bear in mind that very few students are awarded financial aid in their first semester. In most cases, teaching assistantships are awarded to students who are attending IIT and have demonstrated abilities in research and/or teaching. You cannot have a Co-Op job and a Teaching Assistant job the same semester.  The due dates for submission are January 1st for the Spring semester and August 1st for the Fall semester.

General Information:

Last name:


[   ] M.S. Student  [   ] M.C.S. Student   [   ] Ph.D. Student

First/middle name:


Year/Sem. Admitted: ____ / ____

Student ID:


Year/Sem. expected graduation: ____ / ____



Grade Point Average:


GRE Scores:    Verb. ____ Quant. ____ Analyt. Writing ____



TOEFL Score: ____



Do you have a car and are you able to drive to the Rice Campus? (circle one)   Y  /   N

Semester for which you are applying:  Semester (circle one)  Fall / Spring / Summer       Year ______ 

Describe the current progress towards your M.S., M.C.S., or Ph.D. degree:



Have you been a Teaching Assistant (TA) in the IIT CS department? If yes, please list all semesters for which you have been awarded the Teaching Assistantship and your duties:

Describe any other teaching experience that you have had:

List all computer science courses for which you are qualified to be:
A) Lab instructor (lab classes)

B) Grader (non-lab classes)

List of CS courses taken at IIT and grades received:


Are there any days/times during which you would not be available to work as a TA? Please list them:



Have you applied for a Teaching Assistantship with another dept? If so, what department? Have you been accepted?

Form last edited Mar 2006