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Computer Science DepartmentComputer Science

General Department Contacts

Contacts for Prospective Students

Matthew Bauer - Undergraduate Degrees
Cindy Hood - Graduate Certificate in Computer Networks and Telecommunications
David Grossman - Graduate Certificate in Information Systems
Bogdan Korel - Graduate Certificate in Software Engineering
Vida Winans - Master of Science in CS (Traditional Master's)
Jim Sasaki - Non-Degree Special Graduate Students
Master of Computer Science (Professional master's)
Master of Telecommunications & Software Engineering
Doctor of Philosophy in CS (Admission)
Charles Bauer - Master of Science for Teachers
Xiang-Yang Li - Doctor of Philosophy in CS (Research Programs)
Computer Science Home
Computer Science Dept.
Illinois Institute of Technology
Stuart Building, Room 235
10 West 31st Street
Chicago IL 60616
Telephone: 312-567-5150
Fax: 312-567-5067
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2007 CS Dept, Illinois Institute of Technology, 10 West 31st Street, Stuart Building 235, Chicago, IL 60616. Tel 312-567-5150. Fax 312-567-5067.

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