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CS 401: Introduction to Advanced Studies I

As of Fall 2005, this course is taught using the Java language.




Class policies, syllabus, grading, lab structure, project 0.5 hours
Software lifecycle, testing, project metrics 3.5 hours
Classes, constructors 4.0 hours
Dynamically allocated memory, strings 4.0 hours
Lists and ArrayList 4.0 hours
Stacks (array; linked lists) 4.0 hours
Queues (array; linked lists) 4.0 hours
Midterm Exam 4.0 hours
Doubly linked list 4.0 hours
Inheritance 4.0 hours
Recursion 4.0 hours
Expression trees, binary search trees 8.0 hours
Heaps, Graph, & Sorts 4.0 hours
Performance evaluation 4.0 hours
Final Examination 4.0 hours
Total 60.0 hours

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