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CS 402: Introduction to Advanced Studies II





Introduction, class policies, syllabus, homework assignments, projects 1.0 hour
Computer organization and architecture 4.0 hours
Number systems and basic logical operations 2.0 hours
Assembly language fundamentals 8.0 hours
Data representation, data structures, procedures, memory management 8.0 hours
Pentium architecture, RISC 3.0 hours
Project 1 discussion 2.0 hours
Midterm Exam 2.0 hours
Java language fundamentals 6.0 hours
Graphics using Java, Java Foundation Classes 6.0 hours
Events, event-handler registration with components, event handler implementation 8.0 hours
Project 2 discussion 2.0 hours
Multithreading concepts 3.0 hours
Multithreading implementation using Java 3.0 hours
Final Examination 2.0 hours
Total 60.0 hours