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CS 582: Computational Robotics




Introduction 1.5 hours
Locomotion 1.5 hours
Non-visual sensors and algorithms 3.5 hours
Uncertainty modeling; data fusion 3.5 hours
State space models; Kalman filtering 3.5 hours
Visual sensors; sampling theory 3.5 hours
Image features; depth reconstruction 3.5 hours
Multiple view geometry; ego-motion; active vision 3.5 hours
Reasoning; spatial decomposition 3.5 hours
Geometric representations; topological representations 3.5 hours
Path planning; spatial uncertainty 3.5 hours
Active control; pose maintenance 3.5 hours
Dead reckoning; correlation-based localization 3.5 hours
Sensorial maps; task planning and task interference 3.5 hours
Multi-agent coordination 3.5 hours
Total 45.0 hours

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