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CS 585: Natural Language Processing





Course goals, projects and assessment. Overview of field 1.5 hours
Grammars and parsing 6.0 hours
Semantic representation - logic forms, relations and cases 3.0 hours
Features and augmented grammars 4.0 hours
Unification grammars. Lexical functional grammar 2.0 hours
Discourse structure 3.0 hours
Discourse context and reference 3.0 hours
Text generation 4.5 hours
Discourse markup and analysis 3.0 hours
Building a lexical database 3.0 hours
Resolving ambiguity 1.5 hours
Efficient parsing 2.5 hours
Statistical approaches and machine learning 2.0 hours
Natural language interfaces to operating systems 1.5 hours
Understanding input and generating responses in intelligent tutoring systems 1.5 hours
Student project reports 3.0 hours
Total 45 hours

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