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CSP 527: Client-Server Applications Development





Basic client/server concepts 2 hours
Network technologies, architectures, protocols, and NOS 2 hours
Remote procedure calls, remote data access, and message-passing middleware 2 hours
Client/server databases 2 hours
The worldwide Web and Web-based software application architectures 3 hours
Active and passive client/server technologies 3 hours
Public, enterprise-wide, and inter-enterprise decision and operations support 2 hours
Web page and web site design and web servers 2 hours
Architecture of a browser and the browser object model 2 hours
HTML, JavaScript , DHTML, Java, and Java applets 3 hours
Common Gateway Interfaces (CGI's), Active Server Pages (ASP), and Java Server Pages (JSP)) 3 hours
Internet client/server database access and back-end database servers 2 hours
State maintenance, channels, and webcasting 2 hours
XML, DTD, XSL, data islands, XML and DB, XML for decision support 2 hours
Web services, search engines, and .NET 3 hours
Client/server application development with TCP/IP 2 hours
Thin-clients/servers; graphical user interfaces 2 hours
Security, public/private key cryptography, digital signatures, digital certificates, SSL, firewalls, and proxy servers 2 hours
Java client/server applications and legacy applications 2 hours
E-commerce and models for e-business and e-commerce 2 hours
Total 45 hours

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