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CSP 586: Software Modeling and Development with UML





Introduction to Software Modeling 3 hours
Introduction to OO-Design and Analysis 3 hours
Introduction to UML 1 hour
The Unified Software Development Process 2 hours
UML Common Notation Conventions 1 hour
Use Cases 1 hour
Class Diagrams 4 hours
Collaboration Diagrams 1 hour
Interaction Sequence Diagrams 2 hours
Activity Diagrams 1 hour
State Diagrams 3 hours
Implementation Diagrams 1 hour
Code Generation from UML Models 4 hours
Round-trip Engineering 4 hours
Executable UML 4 hours
Model Validation and Testing 4 hours
Components and Frameworks with UML 3 hours
UML for Web Design 3 hours
Total 45 hours