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Ilene Burnstein

Research Associate Professor of Computer Science, Emeritus, and Co-Director of the Center for Software Engineering

PhD, Illinois Institute of Technology
MS, University of Maryland, College Park MD
BS, Brooklyn College, Brooklyn NY


Stuart Building 237F






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Research Interests

Co-director of the Center for Software Engineering. Major areas of research are in software engineering. Current research projects:

  1. The development of a Testing Maturity Model to assist software organizations with assessing and improvement their testing processes.
  2. The development of BUG-DOCTOR, an automated program understanding and debugging tool.
  3. Addressing issues relating to the development of software engineering as a profession.

Teaching Interests

Development of courses to support a specialized master's degree in software engineering. Current courses include:

  1. CS 487, Software Engineering - the introductory software engineering course.
  2. CS 587, Programming Project Management - tools, methods, techniques for managing large software development projects.
  3. CS 588, Advanced Software Engineering Project - use of Watts Humphrey's Personal Software Process to assess and improve the development process on the level of the individual software engineer.
  4. CS 589, Software Testing and Quality Assurance, tools, techniques, methods for software testing, test process improvement.

Undergraduate research: introduction of undergraduates to the research process with hands-on experiences in on-going research projects.

Current Publications

  1. I. Burnstein, C. R. Carlson, "Developing Leadership Skills in Software Engineering Students Through an Undergraduate Research Program", Proc. 8th SEI Conference on Software Engineering Education, New Orleans, LA, March/April 1995, pp 305-321.
  2. I. Burnstein, A. Tubaishat, A. Mirza, K. Roberson, A Sanchez,"Knowledge Engineering for Software Fault Localization", Proc. 1995 Midwest AI and Cognitive Society Conf., Carbondale, IL, April 1995, pp 22-26.
  3. B. Korel, I. Burnstein, Combining Pattern Matching and Dynamic Slicing in Knowledge-Based Debugging Systems", Proc. 1995 Midwest AI and Cognitive Society Conf., Carbondale, IL, April 1995, pp 27-31.
  4. A. Tubaishat, I. Burnstein, "Developing Knowledge Objects for Code Recognition", Proc. Internat'l Conf. on Electronics, Circuits and Systems, Amman Jordan, Dec. 1995, pp. 210-215.
  5. I. Burnstein, T. Suwanassart, C. R. Carlson, "Developing a Testing Maturity Model", Proc. of the Ninth International Software Quality Week Conf, San Francisco, CA, May, 1996.
  6. I. Burnstein, A. Mirza, K. Roberson, F. Saner, A. Tubaishat,"Knowledge Engineering for Automated Program Recognition and Fault Localization", Proceedings of the Eighth International Conference on Software Engineering and Knowledge Engineering, Lake Tahoe NV, June, 1996., pp 85-91.
  7. I. Burnstein, F. Saner, K. Roberson, "Generating Chunks and Chunk Signatures for Program Recognition and Fault Localization", Proc. of the Midwest Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Society Conference, Bloomington, IN, April, 1996.
  8. I. Burnstein, T. Suwanassart, C. R. Carlson, "Developing a Testing Maturity Model for Software Test Process Evaluation', IEEE International Test Conference '96, Washington, DC, Oct, 1996 pp 581- 589.
  9. I. Burnstein, T. Suwanassart, C. R. Carlson, "Developing A Testing Maturity Model: Part I, IICrossTalk, Journal of Defense Software Engineering, Vol. 9, #8, August, 1996, pp 21-24, Vol. 9, #9, September, 1996, pp 19-26.
  10. I. Burnstein, K. Roberson, "Automated Chunking to Support Program Comprehension", to appear in Proc. Fifth International Workshop on Program Comprehension", Dearborn, Michigan, May 2-30, 1997.
  11. I. Burnstein, G. Saxena, R. Carlson, A. Homyen, T. Suwanassart, "A Testing Maturity Model for Software Test Process Assessment and Improvement", Proc. 13th International Conf. on Advanced Science and Technology, Motorola University, Schaumberg, IL, April 3-5, 1997, pp. 183-195 .

Professional Activities

Member: IEEE Computer Society, Sigma Xi, IEEE Technical Council on Software Engineering.

Research Students

Floyd Saner, Ariya Homyen, Bob Musson, Arms Yongyuth, Boris Vaysburg, Gary Saxena (co-advisor with C. R. Carlson)

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