Non-Degree Graduate Students

Computer Science Department

Illinois Institute of Technology

Non-degree graduate status is used by students who are not pursuing a degree program. Typically, non-degree students take classes:

Students who are required by the US Citizenship and Immigration Services to be degree-seeking students are not eligible for non-degree status.

For more information on non-degree graduate status and how to apply, see → Non-Degree Graduate Study and Graduate Admission.

Non-degree graduate students should consult with their advisor on course selection and other matters relating to their academic program, especially if they are interested in eventually pursuing a graduate degree. Note non-degree students need the approval of the Office of Graduate Academic Affairs to take more than nine credit hours of coursework.

A non-degree graduate student who wants to become a regular degree-seeking student must apply through Graduate Admission and be accepted to a degree program. Simply taking courses does ot confer degree-seeking status.

A non-degree student who meets the minimum requirements for a degree program can apply for degree-seeking status at any time, even during the first semester while non-degree.

A non-degree student whose s bachelor's GPA is ≥ 2.5/4.0 but < 3.0. can apply for a master's program after taking two 400- or 500-level courses.

Note: To be able to take these courses, a student's whose bachelor's degree was not in computer science must first take take any necessary Deficiency Courses (CS 201, CS 401, and CS 402).

if grades of B or better are earned in all classes above, the student can apply to the MCS program (the professional Master of CS). Note the GRE and recommendation letters are required.

After admission into a degree program, a student can request that up to 9 credit hours of non-degree coursework be applied toward the degree program's requirements. CS 201, 401, and 402 cannot be applied; see for details.