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Undergraduate Advising Hints


The Role Of The Advisor

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The goal of student advising is to assist the student in:

  • Monitoring progress toward graduation by fulfilling all degree requirements.
  • Selecting courses that meet the student's individual goals and career objectives.
  • Ensuring that the student takes an appropriate, balanced load of technical and nontechnical courses each semester while meeting all course prerequisites.
  • Dealing with problems such as the need to drop a course, probation, etc.

The IIT Bulletin of Undergraduate Programs specifies the degree requirements for the Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and the Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems. The year that a student is admitted to IIT defines the binding program for that student as found in that year's Bulletin. Changes made to the bulletin after a student enrolls at IIT generally do not alter the student's program of study (unless the student wishes to follow the changes voluntarily).

Sample 'semester by semester' programs for both CS and CIS are given below. Note that this program is only a guideline. Each student works closely with an advisor to formulate a program of study that not only meets the student's goals in terms of content, but that also allows for experiences outside of the classroom -- internships, co-ops, and ROTC programs, for instance.

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Program Study Checklists

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For students who started in Fall 2004 or later:

For BSCS students who started:

For BSCIS students who started:


Student Files And Program Study Checklists

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When a student enrolls at IIT, a file folder is created for each student by the Office of Admissions. This folder contains initial information about the new student, including placement exam scores, high school information, and copies of Transfer Evaluation forms for transfer courses evaluated by the Office of Educational Services. When the student first enrolls at IIT the file is transferred to their department for their degree program. As the student continues at IIT, the file is updated on an advisor-maintained document: the CS/CIS Program of Study Checklists (see above). Files for BS CS and BS CIS students are kept in the CS department office.

The CS/CIS Program of Study Checklist forms aid the advisor and student in monitoring the student's progress toward the CS/CIS degree. It shows the CS/CIS curricula provides spaces to 'check off' the term each course was taken and the number of credit hours. Transfer courses are marked with 'XFER', and courses replaced by advanced placement credits should be marked with 'AP'. For example, a transfer student checklist might include:

MATH 151 Calculus I 4 AP
CS 100 Intro to Profession 2 XFER
CHEM 124 Gen Chemistry 4 F93

The Undergraduate File Drawers in the CS department contains blank copies of the CS/CIS Program of Study Checklist forms.

During registration and advising, it is often important to review a student's records so that plans for future courses can be carefully evaluated. While records are kept in each student's folder, they are not always up to date. Up to date records of courses taken can be obtained from SIS.


Registration Procedures

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The majority of undergraduates (at least after freshman year) are fairly competent at following the correct program of study and picking appropriate classes each semester. Officially undergraduates still need advisor approval, but this is much easier with email and Web for Students. This is the current process:

Approximately 2 weeks before registration starts, the department sends an email to all undergraduate CS and CIS majors telling them to check the next semester's schedule of classes (which should be available on Web for Students), and to choose courses with sections, days and times.

Students are reminded to check prerequisites and to follow the degree requirements in the IIT Bulletin of Undergraduate Programs. In general, undergraduates are not allowed to register for IIT/V or Internet sections.

If students have completed (or after this semester have completed) 70 credit hours total, they should make sure they have an updated Academic Audit done by Educational Services (first floor of Main Building) ASAP. Students should use this audit to help pick their courses in all future semesters instead of using their CS/CIS Program of Study Checklist.

Students send me an email (Advisor should save the students' emails) with their ss# (student ID) and what courses they want to register for to their advisor, who quickly checks the choices (either by quickly looking at their previous courses taken in SIS or by pulling their file and looking at their CS/CIS Program of Study Checklist or latest Academic Audit) and releases the advisor hold (SIS Screen 148) so the student can register using Web for Students (there may also be a financial hold so students may need to talk to Student Services to release that).

Later, when time permits, the advisor will more carefully check to make sure students have registered correctly, and will update the Program of Study Checklists (or Academic Audit) in the Student Files. If any mistakes are seen, the advisor emails the student with recommended changes and student will need to drop/add (advising hold needs re-releasing).

Advisors will also be available for one-on-one advising during regular office hours.

IPROs: See the IPRO website for information on IPROs, finding IPRO projects, and enrolling in IPROs.


The Student Information System (SIS) for Advisors

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The Student Information System (SIS) is maintained by the Office of Administrative Information Systems (AIS) in 110 MB (x7-5071). SIS provides advisors with online access to student records. SIS can be accessed by telnet to '' (this may change at some point in the future) or from Web for Faculty/Web For Advisors (

SIS operates as a series of screens that are indexed by a 'screen number' (SCREEN) field in the upper left-hand corner of each screen and fields for course number (CRS), student ID (SID), and term (TERM) which must be entered depending on which screen is requested. You can skip between these fields using TAB.

The following screens are most useful during the advising process:

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