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Computer Science DepartmentComputer Science

Courses for the Bachelor's Degrees

The Department's undergraduate-level course offerings cover a wide range of topics within computer science while providing opportunity for in-depth study of a given topic. Note that qualified students may also select courses from an extensive set of graduate-level course offerings, as well as from accelerated "short" courses designed for the computer professional.

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Introductory Core Courses

Course Title
CS 100: Introduction to Professions
(CS 115: Object-Oriented Pgmg I and CS 116: Object-Oriented Pgmg II)
or CS 201: Accelerated Introduction to Computer Science
CS 330: Discrete Structures
CS 331: Data Structures and Algorithms
CS 350: Computer Organization and Assembly Language Programming
CS 351: Systems Programming

Advanced Courses

Below, (R) courses are required for the Bachelor of Science in CS; (T) courses can be technical electives for the Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems.

Topic Area Course Title (R) (T)
Algorithms CS 430: Introduction to Algorithms
Artificial Intelligence CS 480: Artificial Intelligence  
Computer Architecture CS 470: Computer Architecture I  
Database Systems CS 422: Introduction to Data Mining  
  CS 425: Database Organization  
  CS 429: Introduction to Information Retrieval  
Graphics/Multimedia CS 411: Computer Graphics  
OS & Networking CS 450: Introduction to Operating Systems
  CS 455: Data Communications  
  CS 458: Information Security  
Programming Languages CS 440: Programming Languages and Translators
  CS 441: Current Topics in Programming Languages  
  CS 445: Object Oriented Design and Programming  
  CS 447: Distributed Objects  
Social Impact of Computing CS 485: Computers and Society  
Software Engineering CS 487: Software Engineering
Special Topics CS 495: Topics in Computer Science  
Undergraduate Research CS 397: Special Projects    
  CS 491: Undergraduate Research    
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