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Other Requirements for the MCS and MSCS Degrees

GPA Requirement

Master of CS and Master of Science in CS students must complete the required number of hours of regular course work including electives and core courses with a GPA of 3.0/4.0 or better.

Applying for Graduation

Each student who expects to receive a graduate degree in a given semester must file an application for graduation in the Graduate College within two weeks of the start of the intended semester of graduation. No application will be accepted after that date and no changes in a Program of Study are allowed after that date. An application for graduation is good for only one semester. If the student fails to graduate in the intended semester, a new application must be filled for a later semester (no additional fees will be charged for filling a second application). 

Time Limit

Every student is given up to six calendar years to complete the MCS Program. This time interval begins with the first course listed on the student's MCS Program of Study. Should this time limit expire, the student will be required to petition the Dean of the Graduate School to have the time limit extended. Such an extension will require the revalidation of course work and examinations, a time-consuming and expensive process.

Dropping Courses

In order to officially drop a course, a student must file a Drop Form with the Registrar's Office (IITV students should consult with the IITV Office). This form must be filed before the final drop date given in that semester's course schedule. The student should retain a copy of the Drop Form receipt until a final grade report is received from the Registrar's Office. The student should also notify the course instructor of the decision to drop the course.

Leaves of Absence

Regular students who intend to leave IIT for an extended period of time must file a Leave of Absence. A leave of absence will not be granted for more than one year, at which time a request for an extension of leave may be submitted. A leave of absence will not extend the time limit required for the completion of a degree. A leave will not not be approved after the sixth week of the current semester.

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