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Other Master's Degrees

In addition to the Computer Science Master's degrees (the Master of Science in CS and the Master of CS), the Department of Computer Science offers the:

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The Master of Telecommunications and Software Engineering (CS)

Overview of the MTSE-CS

The Master of Telecommunications and Software Engineering (MTSE-CS) is a course-only degree program that prepares students for professional practice in telecommunications and information technologies. The program, jointly offered by the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) and the Department of Computer Science (CS), can be completed in 1 years of full-time study.

Eligibility and Prerequisites

A person holding a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering, or Computer Science has the necessary broad background to undertake the MTSE-CS program. Students interested in the program who do not have such a Bachelor's degree should contact a departmental advisor before applying.

A student without adequate background in specific areas is required to demonstrate proficiency in prerequisite courses; an abbreviated list is given below. Specific proficiency courses will be detailed for each student at the time of admission to the MTSE-CS program. Proficiency in a course may be demonstrated by completing the course with a grade of "A" or "B" or by achieving a grade of "A" or "B" in a proficiency examination administered by the ECE or the CS department. Students should contact a departmental adviser for more details on prerequisites and proficiency requirements.

Computer Science Prerequisites

Electrical and Computer Engineering Prerequisites

MTSE-CS Program Requirements

The MTSE-CS is a Professional Master's degree requiring a minimum of 30 credit hours of adviser-approved coursework. The MTSE-CS program of studies must include a minimum of 12 credit hours of ECE coursework and a minimum of 12 credit hours of CS coursework.

Four required courses and one elective course from each of the three categories given below must appear on the MTSE-CS program of studies.

Required Courses

  1. CS 586 Software Systems Architectures
  2. CS 587 Software Project Managements
  3. ECE 513 Communication Engineering Fundamentals
  4. ECE 541 Performance Evaluation of Computers and Communications Networks

Elective Categories

I. Software Engineering

II. Telecommunications Systems

III. Telecommunications

The remaining nine credits of coursework may be taken from courses listed above, or other courses approved by the MTSE-CS adviser. Students with no background in communications or software engineering should consider including in their programs of study:

Other courses that students in this program typically choose from include:

With advisor approval, the MTSE-CS program of studies can include up to two credit hours of Master's seminar (ECE 595, ECE 596). It can also include up to four credit hours of short courses.


The Master of Science in Computer Science/Master of Chemical Engineering

The combined program in Computer Science and Chemical Engineering addresses the growing need for process engineers with expertise in computational modeling and simulation of chemical processes. Similarly, the program provides strong engineering background that is required today in many areas of computer science. The program is offered jointly by the Department of Computer Science and the Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering. Students in this program earn both Master of Science in Computer Science and Master of Chemical Engineering degrees.

Students must fulfill the core course requirements of both departments. Students are required to take 18 credit hours in graduate chemical engineering courses (courses numbered 500 or higher) and 26 credit hours in computer science courses (of which 20 credit hours must be CS 500-level courses). The 18 credit hours in chemical engineering courses consist of 12 credits in core courses listed in the description of the Master of Chemical Engineering requirements and six credit hours from the following courses:


The Master of Science for Teachers

The Master of Science for Teachers (MST) is designed for experienced teachers or training officers and aims to strengthen their academic background in computer science, the teaching of computer science, and the use of computer science in teaching. The program, though flexible enough to meet a variety of needs, also requires substantive coursework in the core of computer science. The student, with a faculty adviser, develops a program of study, describes the project, and specifies an elective program, which must be approved by the faculty of the department.

The program of study consists of 32 credit hours, at least 20 hours of which must be 500-level courses. It also includes an MST project that deals with some aspect of computer science or with computer science applied to some other academic discipline. To be awarded the MST degree, the student must satisfactorily complete the program of study and pass a project defense examination (comprehensive exam), which consists of an oral defense of the project. Of the 32 credit hours, 12 credit hours must be from the courses listed below:

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