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Admission to the PhD Program

The minimum standards for admission to the PhD programs in Computer Science are:

  1. A four-year Bachelor's Degree in CS for the Direct program; a Master's Degree in CS (or a CS-related field) for the Post-Master's program. Applicants must have a high GPA.
  2. GRE scores. For the Direct program, the minimum required GRE scores are 1200 (Verbal + Quantitative) and 4.0 (Analytical Writing). For the Post-Master's PhD program, 1100 and 3.5 are required. (For the older, pre-October 2002 GRE exam, the required scores are 1800 (Verbal + Analytical + Quantitative) for the Direct program and 1600 for the Post-Master's program.)
  3. A TOEFL score of 550 (paper-based) or 213 (computer-based), for applicants with degrees from schools where the primary language of instruction is not English. If the primary language of instruction was English, a TOEFL is not normally required, except when requested of applicants with significantly low verbal GRE scores. Applicants with scores of 550-599 or 213-249 will be required to take IIT's English Proficiency (EPR) exam. (See Graduate Admission > Admission Requirements > Test Requirements.)
  4. Three Letters of Recommendation.
  5. A Personal Statement.
  6. Good academic standing, for applicants who are currently pursuing a graduate degree at another university or in another department at IIT. Good academic standing should be confirmed by submitting a transcript for the final semester being taken at the current university.
Admission to the program (especially the Direct program) is competitive and satisfying the minimum requirements for admission does not automatically imply admission. In particular, an applicant's GPA and test scores are only two of several factors considered by the department's Graduate Admission Committee.

For admission deadlines, see Graduate Admission > Important Dates. Applications received after the deadline may not be able to be reviewed by the department's Graduate Admissions Committee before the beginning of the desired semester. Check Lists and other detailed information about the application process can be found at Graduate Admission.

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