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Coursework Requirements

Coursework for the PhD programs consists of regular CS courses, the Reading and Special Problems course (CS 597), the PhD Seminar (CS 695), and research and thesis work (CS 691). The graduate-level courses must include courses in certain Core Course Groups. The minimum Required Coursework can range from 54 to 80 credit hours depending on which program a student enters under. Students must file a Program of Study, which lists all of the courses that the student plans to take as part of the PhD program.

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Core Course Groups

There are 6 core course groups; students must take at least one course in each of a number of groups. The required groups depend on which program a student enters under. (See Required Coursework below.) Advanced courses may be substituted, with approval.

Group I: Theory of Computation

Group IV: Networks

Group II: Systems

Group V: Databases

Group III: Programming Languages

Group VI: Software Engineering

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Required Coursework

The following coursework is required of all PhD students.

Computer Science Course Credit Hours For Students Entering the Program With a
Bachelor of Science in CS Master's Degree not in CS Master's Degree in CS
400-Level CS Courses 0 - 12 hours
500- and 600-Level CS Courses 36 - 54 hours 24 - 30 hours 18 - 30 hours
..... including Core Courses from: Groups I, II, and III and any 2 of the other 3 groups Any 3 Groups
CS 597: Reading & Special Problems 6 - 12 hours 3 - 12 hours (with at least 3 hours the first year)
CS 691: PhD Thesis/Research 24 - 48 hours
CS 695: PhD Seminar 1 hour
Minimum Total Required Credits 85 hours 60 hours 54 hours


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The Program of Study

The Program of Study lists all of the courses that a student plans to take as part of the PhD program (including courses that have already been taken). Full-time students must file a program of study within four months after enrollment. Part-time students must file a program of study before completing 12 credit hours. The program of study should be prepared under consultation with the advisor and filed using Form 401. A program of study may be modified using Form #406. Both forms must be approved by the advisor, the Department Chair (or an Associate Chair), and the Graduate College. Changes in the program of study may not be approved by the Graduate College after the student has filled an application for graduation. Forms 401 and 406 are available at Graduate College > Forms for Current Students.

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