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The Bug-Doctor Project

Our research group is using cognitive science and artificial intelligence techniques to develop conceptual models of how software developers perform program recognition and debugging tasks, and, to develop tools to assist with these tasks. One of the tools under development is called Bug-Doctor.

Bug-Doctor is a blackboard-based system that consists of many knowledge sources and knowledge bases. Some of the knowledge sources such as the normalization and chunking tools process the target code to facilitate program recognition and fault localization. Other knowledge sources such the coarse and fine-grained analyzers use the knowledge base of program plans, and the processed code, to actually "understand" the code and locate faults. We are now exploring the use of fuzzy reasoning techniques to help the coarse-grained analyzers retrieve the most similar plans from the plan library for program recognition tasks. We are also exploring the use of one of BUG-DOCTOR's knowledge sources called the Chunker as a stand-alone reverse engineering tool. Preliminary studies indicate it can provide support for the code comprehension tasks associated with program maintenance.

Faculty contact: Dr. Ilene Burnstein


Kathy Roberson (Ph.D. 1996), Abdallah Tubaishat, (Ph.D. 1994), Abdulrahman Mirza (Ph.D. 1995), A. Sanchez (M.S. 1996), Floyd Saner, Bob Musson

Recent Publications:

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