Fall 2007 CS Undergraduate Studies Committee Notes

10/1/07 Meeting Agenda ABET preperation - I would really appreciate it if everyone would spend an hour or so and read this slowly. This indicates precisely what we have to do to be ready for the ABET evaluation. To complete this requires a book of about 500 pages. Happily we have already done this so most of our task will be updating sections of what we have already done. I would very much like to see us complete a draft of any writing we need to do by the end of this semester and then we can send the Spring gradually updating and completing the rest of the book. Our agenda for Monday's meeting is: a. Review this doucment and assign sections to people b. Discuss followup work from our evaluations done in the Spring c. Discuss what we will do for evaluations in the fall --- personally I think we might want to suspend our evaluation process this year in preparation for ABET, I think we have a strong story to tell about our process and how we have used it every year since ABET certified us.


Catalog updates approved


review alumni feedback

review detailed course materials cs487 materials

do ACM session work/co op feedback - Review Co-Op/Employer Survey (Step B4) - no longer available from Career Development Center. Will need to develop our own survey and method to get to employers.

cs advisory feedback - CS Advisory Committee Feedback (Step C4) - no meeting held in 2007

look at ABET for updates to objectives, etc

pick a course for fall 2007 collection - CS441