Spring 2010 CS Undergraduate Studies Committee Notes

Spring 2010 CS UG Studies Committee Meeting Notes January 2010 - Review of 2009 assessment data all teachers and all semesters rolled together for a course http://vme1.e1.iit.edu/~compsci/courseReportMain.php each term/instructor separate for a course http://vme1.e1.iit.edu/~compsci/courseReportMain1.php Each cell represents INDIRECT ASSESSMENT (how many objectives met the 80% achieved goal) / (how many total objectives supported this program outcome) DIRECT ASSESSMENT (how many assignments met the 80% achieved goal) / (how many total assignments supported this program outcome) Cells in red are less then fifty percent ratio Since for most courses, multiple course objectives support a program outcome, from a program outcome point of view, it's OK if we don't get all of them over the 80% goal. From a course improvement point of view, yes it should be looked at. So basically what I was thinking is we look for the cells with the lowest ratios (maybe less than half), this shows that a program outcome is not being met by that course.

February 2010 - discuss and approval of the following program changes Want to address alumni/employer and industry board importance on s/w eng skills (student outcome k - An ability to apply design and development principles in the construction of software systems of varying complexity.) Add CS425 DB as a required course for BS in CS, remove one CS elec. And CS425 as prereq for CS487 S/W Eng. - With input from industry board and approval of all CS faculty, change BS in CS Program Objectives to be broader statements to be achieved 3-5 years after graduation. See http://www.iit.edu/csl/cs/about/mission.shtml

- Temporarily suspend new admits to the BS in CS Specialization in Information and Knowledge Management Systems due to CS faculty leaving (Frieder/Goharian). We will allow current students to finish the program, possibly with independent study. We will restart the Specialization in Information and Knowledge Management Systems once adjunct or full time faculty in data mining and information retrieval are hired. Revisit in Spring 2011

March 2010 Review of current BS in CS assessment process and systems. Adding direct assessment in required BS in CS courses (CS425, CS430, CS440, CS450, CS485, CS487) Track some final exam (or final project), question specific pass/fail counts, and mapping each question to the program outcomes for your class, this will give us a good idea if students are achieving the required program outcomes. Something like this, I will be sending spreadsheets prepared with your course's supporting program outcomes. Final Exam Question 1 30 pass 5 fail program outcomes a,d Final Exam Question 2 20 pass 15 fail program outcomes e Final Exam Question 3 35 pass 0 fail program outcomes g,h,I Final Exam Question 4 30 pass 5 fail program outcomes d,e Final Exam Question 5 28 pass 7 fail program outcomes a,d

July 2010 - review and comment on Princeton Review's Best 373 Colleges (requested by the Provost's office) 1) Are we using too many adjuncts in first and second year classes? CS dept uses no adjuncts for first and second year classes. We can formally publish office hours requirements for CS faculty, because I am not sure what CS faculty are currently offering, but I expect it is not over 2-4 hours per week of office hours. 2) Is our class scheduling, where there are few classes on Fridays, leading to faculty absence and non interaction with students? Our first year courses are 2 days a week in lecture/lab. But I know out CS faculty that teach these are very accessible both on lecture days and on at least 1 other day per week. All of our second year classes have lectures 2 days a week and lab 1 day per week (usually MWF), but maybe teachers should attend labs Maybe we can just advertise more, or have teachers go to students (MTCC) instead of students come to teachers)? We could also work on more online group QandA and other online ways to reach out. 3)Should we go back to 50 minute classes for first and second years, with classes on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, as is normal in most universities? I think we would be fine with this for low level classes, but I think the students are the ones in the past that pushed for the 75 minute periods. We would have to investigate lab availability for some classes on 3 days per week. 4)Are we following whether faculty are available during posted office hours? We do not check this 5)Do all faculty (T &TT) teach undergraduates? No, some of our tenure track CS faculty rarely if ever teach undergrads I think in general the students do not come to office hours until they are in trouble, sometimes too late. So we have to work on ways to entice them or go to them. We have tried having faculty in the tutoring center (the ARC) and go to students in MTCC. And in general when you do walk around the department most days in the semester you do not see faculty in their offices, so even if they are fulfilling their official office hours, we do not see faculty around the dept very much