Spring 2011 CS Undergraduate Studies Committee Notes

Spring 2011 CS UG Studies Committee Meeting Notes Monday, January 24, 2011 Topics - CS UG Recruiting brochure - CS104 new class approval - ABET recap - The President mentioned several areas for us to pay attention to: good advising, good teaching, good course scheduling (so courses are available to students) and extracurricular activities. I would be interested to hear whatinitiatives UG committee can propose in these areas, in particular the first 3. Maybe this is a good opportunity asking university support, if we see anything beyond our power.

Friday, February 04, 2011 S11_CS-at-IIT.doc is the draft of the CSD undergrad recruitment brochure text that I sent to CSL today. We should have a chance to revise & fix things before it is finalized, so please look this over and comment.

Review of Spring 2010/Fall 2010 assessment data. Review of prior changes - CS100 some improvement in engagement of students and community forming using robots, but better robots needed, and disconnect between lecture, labs and course obejctives still. CS115/116 additional TAs and C or better in CS115 has helped address the spread of abilities in CS115. Effectiveness of new CS104 needs to be tracked after students reach MMAE350/MATH350 or similar in their major, after Fall 2012. Effectiveness of adding CS425 as required and prereq for CS487 will need to be tracked also after Fall 2012. No new program changes proposed

March 2011 - review CS330/331/350/351/430 materials from Fall 2010 to understand transitions

Friday, July 29, 2011 Review CMC data