Fall 2013 CS Undergraduate Studies Committee Notes

Meeting Date: 09/17/2013

ABET Accreditation - ABET Self-Study Questionnaire Template - Compare last Accreditation to the new one and pinpoint all / any changes or new items that are to be added Went through new material and Matt Bauer compared it to the last review that was 6 years ago.

Here are all CS UG Studies committee members Shlomo Argamon Matthew Bauer Mattox Beckman Gruia Calinescu Cindy Hood Ed Reingold Michael Saelee Kevin Jin (starts in January)


09/28/13 Meeting - review collection of materials for courses and faculty CV. Understand what we need from other depts.(Kallend)

12/2/2013 Meeting

ABET Accreditation - Look over all info that has been provided by all Professors. Assign committee all who have not yet responded to vitae, questions or exams / syllabi.

The new University strategic plan will be discussed at the beginning of the spring semester. At that time the committee will review the new Mission and Vision statements of the University and will write a new one for the department.


Based on popularity of new MAS in Data Science - New specialization in Data Science - Four courses are required for the Specialization in Data Science:

Coterminals Approved - University approved coterminal degrees, 9 hours from BS degree also counting for MS degree. UG scholarship extended for 1 year. 3.25 or above GPA, 60 hours completed to apply