Gady Agam
Visual Computing Lab

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My main research interest is in Computer Vision and Machine Learning which are both sub fields of Artificial Intelligence (AI).  I am specifically interested in deep learning, geometric modeling, and computational methods for analyzing data. Current application areas in my group include medical imaging (2D and 3D), remote sensing, point cloud processing, video analysis, segmentation, recognition, registration, biometrics, and security. For information concerning joining my group, admission, and financial aid, please check my FAQ page. To read more about projects in my group check the Visual Computing Lab webpage. For current office hours check Here.


Gady Agam
Associate Professor
Department of Computer Science
Illinois institute of Technology

Phone:  (312) 567-5834
Fax:  (312) 567-5067
Office:  SB-237e


cs411 - Computer graphics

cs512 - Computer vision

cs577 - Deep learning

cs584 - Machine learning

cs100 - Introduction to profession

cs422 - Data mining

cs511 - Topics in computer graphics


See the Visual Computing Lab page.

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