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Reading material


  1. Introduction: overview of administrative issues, overview of the topics covered in the course, the history of computing (CS Illuminated Ch. 1).
  2. The information layer: binary values and number systems, data representation (CS Illuminated Ch. 2-3).
  3. The hardware layer: gates and circuits, computing components (CS Illuminated Ch. 4-5).
  4. The programming layer: problem solving and algorithm design, low-level programming, high-level programming, abstract data types and algorithms (CS Illuminated Ch. 6-9).
  5. The operating system layer: operating systems, file systems (CS Illuminated Ch. 10-11).
  6. The communication layer: computer networks, the world wide web (CS Illuminated Ch. 15-16).
  7. The application layer: discussion of various computing applications such as: information systems, scientific computing, computer graphics, artificial intelligence, robotics, computer vision.

Updated on August 28, 2007