CS-100 Introduction to Professions

Section 001, Fall 2007 (Mon, Wed 3:15 - 4:30)

Administrative information


Teaching assistant



name weight
labs and assignments 50%
midterm exam 20%
group presentation 5 %
final exam 25%
total 100%


  1. The weight of all the labs/assignments is equal. Assignments must be submitted on time in order to be considered.
  2. Attendance in this class is mandatory. Every two unexcused absences lower your final class grade one full letter grade. Every two unexcused late arrivals to class counts as an unexcused absence.
  3. The midterm and final exams are an hour long closed book/notes exams.
  4. Each class is accompanied by a reading assignment.
  5. Each member of this course bears responsibility for maintaining the highest standards of academic integrity. All breaches of academic integrity must be reported immediately.

Course outline



  1. Introduction: overview of administrative issues, overview of the topics covered in the course, the history of computing (CS Illuminated Ch. 1).

  2. The information layer: binary values and number systems, data representation (CS Illuminated Ch. 2-3).

  3. The hardware layer: gates and circuits, computing components (CS Illuminated Ch. 4-5).

  4. The programming layer: problem solving and algorithm design, low-level programming, high-level programming, abstract data types and algorithms (CS Illuminated Ch. 6-9).

  5. The operating system layer: operating systems, file systems (CS Illuminated Ch. 10-11).

  6. The communication layer: computer networks, the world wide web (CS Illuminated Ch. 15-16).

  7. The application layer: discussion of various computing applications such as: information systems, scientific computing, computer graphics, artificial intelligence, robotics, computer vision.

Suggested text

  1. Computer Science Illuminated, by Nell Dale and John Lewis, Jones and Bartlett publishers, 2006.

Additional references

  1. Computer Science, an Overview, by J. G. Brookshear, Addison Wesley, 2006.

Reading material

  1. http://www.cs.iit.edu/$\sim$cs100/

Tentative schedule

class week topic book reading web reading lab

1 08/27 information layer Ch. 1-2 Number systems Number systems
2 09/3 No class (Labor Day)

3 09/10
Ch. 3
Data representation
4 09/17 hardware layer Ch. 4 Machine architecture Architecture
5 09/24
Ch. 5
Computing components
6 10/1 programming layer Ch. 6 Algorithms+Recursion Algorithms
7 10/8
Ch. 7
Assembly language
8 10/15 Midterm

9 10/22
Ch. 8 Programming languages Programming languages
10 10/29
Ch. 9 Data structures Data structures
11 11/5 operating system layer Ch. 10-11 Operating systems Operating systems
12 11/12 communication layer Ch. 15-16 Networking Networks
13 11/19 application layer
Artificial intelligence Checkers build
14 11/26 final presentations

15 12/3 final presentations
Ethics ethics
16 12/13 Final exam: 2:00pm-4:00pm (SB-111)

Gady Agam 2007-08-28