• Gady Agam,
  • Office: SB-228a,
  • Contact: x7-5834,  
  • Office hours: Tues, Thur 6:30pm - 7:30pm


  • CS-511-051: Main campus (SB-239)
  • CS-511-092: TV
  • CS-511-251: Internet

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Computer graphics is a major field of study in computer science which is facilitated by the rapid evolution in computing hardware.  Advanced computer graphics hardware is now a standard component in off the shelf PCs, and digital cameras are cheap and abundant. The consequence of which is a surge in graphics and imaging applications. The utilization of images in graphics application has become in recent years a focal point for numerous applications. On one end, images are used to augment graphics so as to increase the realism of rendered scenes whereas on the other end graphics is used to augment images.  The combination of graphics and images is most notable in the generation of mixed reality environments such as virtualized and augmented reality environments which are the corner stone for advanced user interfaces as well as for entertainment applications in the game and movie industries.

The CS511 course will focus this semester on the exploitation of images for graphics. Particularly, we will cover in details the topics of image and object warping and morphing, the modeling and processing of digitized object surfaces, and the reconstruction of graphical objects based on images. In addition to the theory taught in the course, programming assignments with the industry standard of openGL will be used to implement selected  techniques. Previous knowledge of openGL is not required. The course serves as a good starting point for graduate students interested in getting acquainted with the area of computer graphics as well as for students interested in pursuing the area of visual computing in greater detail. The course assumes a basic knowledge of calculus and linear algebra and some programming experience in C/C++. For further details please refer to the course's website or contact the course's instructor.

Updated on August 20, 2003