CS-512 - Homework 1 (5%)

Due by: October 1, 2015

Assignment Specifications

In this assignment you need to perform simple image manipulation using openCV. The program should load an image by either reading it from a file or capturing it directly from a camera. When the user presses a key perform the operation corresponding to the key on the original image (not the result of the last processing step). The program should satisfy the following specifications:

Electronic Submission Instructions

Please follow the following submission procedure:
  1. Use OpenCV and Python.
  2. Direct all questions/comments regarding the assignment to: cs512 email
  3. On or before the due date upload your assignment as a ZIP file to blackboard. Do not send the assignment via email and do not hand in a paper copy.
  4. Your submission should contain the following:
    • Report: prepared as a PDF or doc file. The report should contain a summary of program design issues, description of specific problems you faced and the way in which you solved them, and sample input/output results (text/graphic). The report needs to be sufficiently detailed. It is very important that you evaluate the algorithms you implemented for correctness and for performance. Try using different parameters and observe (and report) the effect of the parameters.
    • Source code: all the source code files that are necessary in order to run your program.
    Note: we must be able to view your report, and execute your program in order to grade it
  5. The organization of the submitted material should be as follows:
    • Create a directory called: first_last_as_N where “first”/“last” is your name and N is the assignment number.
    • Inside this directory create four sub-directories called: code, report, data. Place in these directories the files you need to submit.
    • Please do not use space inside file/directory names.
  6. If you are late in the submission upload it to blackboard as soon as you have it and send an email to cs512 emailto alert us that you have submitted your assignment. Do not attach the submission to your email. Your “late days” will be determined by your email date.