CS-512 - Final project (20%)

Proposal due by: October 27, 2015
Project due by: November 18, 2015

Project Description

The final project is two-student group project. The required project deliverables are a presentation, software implementation, and a written report. All the components should be submitted together by the due date. Late days are not allowed. To sign up for a topic, make sure that the topic is available and submit a project proposal as described below. There is a 5% penalty for not signing up for a project or not submitting the project proposal on time. The following is a detailed description of the main components of the project:

Project sign up instructions

Submission instructions

Project Topics

When selecting a topic, you must identify a paper describing the core approach you will be implementing. The selected paper should contain material different than what was covered in class. In addition to the list below, any topic relevant to the course is possible.
  1. Distinctive image features
  2. Segmentation
  3. Shape matching
  4. Image registration
  5. Active contours
  6. Model fitting
  7. Calibration
  8. Face detection
  9. Face recognition
  10. Object recognition
  11. Projective invariants
  12. Perceptual user interfaces
  13. 3D augmented reality
  14. Object tracking
  15. Gesture recognition
  16. Content-based image retrieval
  17. Content-based video retrieval
  18. Image inpainting
  19. Panoramic mosaics