Course description: CS 401

Significant programming experience in Java. This course does not count 
toward M.S./Ph.D credit in Computer Science CS 200 or CS 201. First 
course in a two-course sequence that is designed to prepare students for 
graduate study in computer science. Explores the implementation and 
application of fundamental data structures and algorithms, with an 
emphasis on object-oriented programming in Java. Examines the relationship 
between these elements and the mathematical structures that form the 
foundation of computer science. Prerequisite: CS 201 or equivalent. 2-2-3

Note that CS401 is designed to prepare students who do not have an
undergaduate in CS for gradudate study in CS.  The language of 
instruction is Java; it is expected that students have substantive
programming background in Java or have taken CS 201 as a pre-requisite.  

Fall 2016 syllabus

Last modified:, Aug 24, 2016.