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Advantages & Disadvantages
Advantages of SQL:

* High Speed:
SQL Queries can be used to retrieve large amounts of
records from a database quickly and efficiently.
* Well Defined Standards Exist:
SQL databases use long-established standard,
which is being adopted by ANSI & ISO. Non-SQL
databases do not adhere to any clear standard.
* No Coding Required:
Using standard SQL it is easier to manage database
systems without having to write substantial amount
of code.
* Emergence of ORDBMS:
Previously SQL databases were synonymous with
relational database. With the emergence of Object
Oriented DBMS, object storage capabilities are
extended to relational databases.

Disadvantages of SQL:

* Difficulty in Interfacing:
Interfacing an SQL database is more complex than
adding a few lines of code.
* More Features Implemented in Proprietary way:
Although SQL databases conform to ANSI & ISO
standards, some databases go for proprietary
extensions to standard SQL to ensure vendor lock-in.