CS 595 : Hot topics in database systems: Data Provenance - Fall 2012



Course Overview

Monday + Wednesday, 3:15pm - 4:30pm, Stuart building room 106

Data provenance is one of the hot topics in database systems today. This course gives students the opportunity to learn about a emerging research area in databases systems and get accustomed with database research in general.

There will be a major project including an implementation of an extension to existing provenance systems, a project report, and an oral presentation. Topics will be announced at the information session and will be available at the course website (once it is online). In addition, the students will be required to read research articles and give oral presentations summarizing the articles. For details about the course topics, organization, and grading policies see here.


Some background knowledge in databases is required to understand the material. For example, attending one of the courses CS 425, CS 520, or CS 525 should be sufficient. The course is mainly for graduate students.