IIT Database Group

Qitian Zeng, Ph.D. student, Ph.D. student

I received my Bachelor in Economics with minor in Math in 2014 from Nankai University in China and Master of Mathematical Finance in 2016 at Illinois Tech. I started PhD in Computer Science in 2017 at Illinois Tech.


My main research interests are X. I am involved in the following research projects:


  • UPE Honorable Mention Award (2018)


I have been TA for the following courses:
  • 2017 Fall: CS425 Database Organization
  • 2018 Fall: CS425 Database Organization


[1] GProM - A Swiss Army Knife for Your Provenance Needs Bahareh Arab, Su Feng, Boris Glavic, Seokki Lee, Xing Niu, Qitian ZengIn IEEE Data Engineering Bulletin (Data Eng. Bull.), volume 41, 2018 [bibtex] [pdf]