IIT Database Group

Getting Involved

If you are interested in pursuing a Ph.D. at our group has a look at current openings jobs page and feel free to contact Dr. Glavic directly. Otherwise there are several options how to get involved in our research as a graduate or undergraduate student. We have several short term and long term projects (see here) that enable students to get hands-on experience in database research. Please contact Dr. Glavic for more information. As a master student there are three ways how to do research with our group:

  • Volunteer work: Do some voluntary work with our group.
  • CS 597: Do a semester-long research project for credits.
  • Master thesis: This is usually at least a two semester commitment.

As an undergraduate the following options are available

  • Volunteer work: Do some voluntary work with our group.
  • CS 497: Do a semester-long research project for credits.
  • Undergraduate summer research: IIT offers summer research stipends for undergraduate students. Sometimes our group also has NSF sponsored opportunities for undergraduates (please contact Dr. Glavic to learn more about such opportunities).

Master Thesis

Please contact Dr. Glavic if you are interested in doing a master thesis at our group. Many of the topics below are suitable for a Master thesis. You are welcome to suggest your own topic.

Current Master Thesis

  • Shweelan Samson: Improving Data-Shuffle Performance in Data-Parallel Distributed Systems.

Finished Master Thesis

Master thesis are available on our publications page.
  • Andrea Cornudella: Computing Candidate Keys Of Relational Operators For Optimizing Rewrite-Based Provenance Computation.
  • Zhen Wang: Efficient Ranking of Explanations for Data Exchange Errors in Vagabond.