CS480: Artificial Intelligence - Fall 2013

Course Description

Introduction to computational methods for intelligent control of autonomous agents, and the use of programming paradigms that support development of flexible and reactive systems. These include heuristic search, knowledge representation, constraint satisfaction, probabilistic reasoning, decision-theoretic control, and sensor interpretation. Particular focus will be placed on real-world application of the material. Prerequisites: CS 331 or CS 401 or CS 403.

Course Topics

The following is a tentative and partial list of topics that will be covered in the class:

Course Information

Time and Location: Mon - Wed 1:50 - 3:05pm in Stuart 238
Mustafa Bilgic
Office: Stuart 228C
Email: mbilgic AT iit.edu
Office Hours: Wed 11am - 12pm (Other times by appointment)


(CS331 or CS401 or CS403) and MATH474 -- Probability and Statistics. If you are i) a transfer undergraduate student or ii) a graduate student, and if you think you have the prerequisite but the system doesn't let you register, please contact me.

Course Format and Grading

In my couse, the slides often serve only as a guide; I use the white board heavily.

The evaluation will consit of written assignments (~10), a project, a midterm, and a final. The point breakdown is:

Late submission policy: Late submissions will not be accepted. Sorry!
Collaboration policy: You can discuss the written assignments with your friends; however, everyone has to write their own solutions in their own words. You must include in your submissions the name of the people you collaborated with.
Code of academic honesty: Please read the procedures on academic honesty here. If you violate the academic honesty (such as unauthorized collaboration, cheating, etc.), then depending on the severity of the violation, it can result in i) receiving zero points on the respective assignment, ii) expulsion from the course, iii) suspension of your enrollment at the university, iv) expulsion from the university.

Course Material

There is a required text book for this course:

Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach, 3rd edition, by Stuart Russell and Peter Norvig

There will be additional reading materials (mostly available on the web).