CS695: Doctoral Seminar - Spring 2013

Course Description

In this course, students will be exposed to listening and critiquing seminars. In addition, the students will gain practical experience in presenting papers. This course is required for all PhD students in computer science.

Course Information

Time and Location: Mon 11:25am - 12:40pm in Stuart Building 213
Mustafa Bilgic
Office: Stuart 228C
Email: mbilgic AT iit.edu
Office Hours: Wed 11am - 12pm (Other times by appointment)

Required Background

You need to be a PhD student in computer science.

Course Format and Grading

In this course, you are required to attend seminars announced by the instructor, submit a seminar analysis after each seminar, and make two presentations in class.

The point breakdown is:

Code of academic honesty: Please read the procedures on academic honesty here. If you violate the academic honesty (such as unauthorized collaboration, cheating, etc.), then depending on the severity of the violation, it can result in i) getting zero points on the respective assignment, ii) expulsion from the course, iii) suspension of your enrollment at the university, iv) expulsion from the university.

Course Material

There is no required material for this course.