Highly Accurate PArallel Numerical Simulations


In this interdisciplinary research, we study scalable parallel algorithms and simulations based on new mathematical development of adaptive wavelet methods. The driving force of this research is the need of next generation large scale simulation capability as required by the intrinsic physical property of industrial applications. The recent advances in both parallel wavelet methods and scalable parallel algorithms with new computer architectures have made such an endeavor a more realistic task. This on-going research activities combine the expertises of the principal investigators in the areas of adaptive wavelet algorithms (Professor Cai - University of North Carolina) and scalable parallel algorithms (Professor Sun - Louisiana State University) to develop scalable highly accurate numercal simulations.

Jet model

3-D Navier-Stokes Simulation of 2:1 Aspeed Ratio Rectangular Jet

by Dr. Bob Wilsun at NASA Langley Research Center

Please click here to get the postscript version of this picture.


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Xian-He Sun
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