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  • "Timing-Aware Data Prefetching for Microprocessors," United States Letters Patent No. 8,856,452 (Oct. 7, 2014), Serial No. 13/149,425, United States Department of Commerce, Patent and Trademark Office, (with Y. Chen and H. Zhu).

    Abstract: A method and apparatus for prefetching data from memory for a multicore data processor. A prefetcher issues a plurality of requests to prefetch data from a memory device to a memory cache. Consecutive cache misses are recorded in response to at least two of the plurality of requests. A time between the cache misses is determined and a timing of a further request to prefetch data from the memory device to the memory cache is altered as a function of the determined time between the two cache misses.

  • "Systems, Methods, and Protocols for Process Migration and Group Membership Management," Patent No. 8,335,813 (Dec. 2012), Serial No. 12/045,546, United States Department of Commerce, Patent and Trademark Office (with D. Cong)

    Abstract: A system, method, and set of protocols for dynamic group communication are provided for enabling dynamic process migration and dynamic group membership management. A process in a group receives and distributes a migration signal. Group communication continues while the processes in the group asynchronously reach a global superstep and then a synchronization point. The processes then spawn a new process on a new device and update group membership information. The new process operates in continuous execution with the new group.

  • "Memory Server," Patent No. 7.865,570 (January, 2011), Serial No. 11/215,321, United States Department of Commerce, Patent and Trademark Office.

    Abstract: A memory server provides data access as a service to clients and has a memory service architecture and components for removing data management burdens from the client processor and providing increased speed and utility for the client through aggressive prediction of client memory requirements and fast provision of data.

  • "Communication and Process Migration Protocols for Distributed Heterogeneous Computing," United States Letters Patent No. 7,065,549 (June 20, 2006), United States Department of Commerce, Patent and Trademark Office (with K. Chanchio).

    Abstract: Communication and Process Migration Protocols instituted in an independent layer of a virtual machine environment allow for heterogeneous or homogeneous process migration. The protocols manage message traffic for processes communicating in the virtual machine environment. The protocols manage message traffic for migrating processes so that no message traffic is lost during migration, and proper message order is maintained for the migrating process. In addition to correctness of migration operations, low overhead and high efficiency is achieved for supporting scalable, point-to-point communications.

  • "Data Collection and Restoration for Homogeneous or Heterogeneous Process Migration," Patent No. 6442663 (August 27, 2002), Serial No. 09/100,364, US patent, United States Department of Commerce, Patent and Trademark Office, (with K. Chanchio, through Louisiana State University).

    Abstract: A technique for process migration between computers is disclosed, particularly for collecting the memory contents of a process on one computer in a machine-independent information stream, and for restoring the data content from the information stream to the memory space of a new process on a different computer. The data collection and restoration method enables sophisticated data structures such as indirect memory references to be migrated appropriately between heterogeneous computer environments.

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