Chairmen's Welcome: Xian-He Sun and Michael Gerndt
Session 1: Performance Analysis and Tools
Scalable Performance Analysis of Large Scale Applications (Slides)

Bernd Mohr

Research Center Jülich, Germany

Felix Wolf

Forschungszentrum Jülich, RWTH Aachen University, Germany

Grid interoperability by P-GRADE Grid portal (Slides)

Peter Kacsuk

Hungarian Academy of Sciences

Scalable Automated Performance Analysis using Performance Properties (Slides)

Michael Gerndt

Technical University Munich

Karl Fürlinger

Technical University of Munich

Prophesy: Performance Modeling and Analysis of Parallel Applications

Valerie Taylor

Texas A&M University
Panel: A Performance Tools Strategy for Petascale Systems

Panel Moderator : Allen D. Malony, University of Oregon (Slides)

Panelists ( Alphabetical Order ) :
Bronis de Supinski
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Dieter Kranzlmueller
Joh. Kepler University Linz, Austria
Bob Lucas
ISI, University of Southern California
Doug Post
DoD, High Performance Computing Modernization Program
Subhash Saini
NASA Ames Research Center
Lunch (on your own)
Session 2: Application and New Trend
The HPC Energy Crisis (Slides)

 Kirk W. Cameron

Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

Remove the Memory Wall: From performance analysis to architecture optimization (Slides)

Xian-He Sun

Illinois Institute of Technology

Optimization of Lattice QCD Calculations (Slides)

Don Holmgren

Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory

Application Accelerators: dues ex machina? (Slides)

Jeff Vetter

Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Beyond Ping-Pong: Application-Centric Measurements of Network Performance (Slides) (Demo)

Scott Pakin

Los Alamos National Laboratory

Closing: Michael Gerndt  and Xian-He Sun