Dr. Sun, Xian-He

Dr. Xian-He Sun is the director of the SCS laboratory. He is a Distiniguished Professor of computer science and the past Chair (9/2009-8/2014) of the Department of Computer Science at the Illinois Institute of Technology, an IEEE fellow and a guest faculty in the Division of Mathematics and Computer Science at Argonne National Laboratory. His current research interests include parallel and distributed processing, memory and I/O systems, software system for Big Data applications, and performance evaluation and optimization.

Phone Number: (312) 567-5260
E-mail: sun [at] iit [dot] edu

Conference 2015: 2015 IEEE International Conference on Data Science and Data Intensive Systems (DSDIS2015)

Conference 2014: 14th IEEE/ACM International Symposium on Cluster, Cloud and Grid Computing (CCGrid2014)

Workshop: The 2014 International Workshop on Data-Intensive Scalable Computing Systems (DISCS2014)

Paper of the Year: "Concurrent Average Memory Access Time". Presentation slides can be found at here

Supporting Paper of the Year : APC: A Novel Memory Metric and Measurement Methodology for Modern Memory Systems . Presentation slides can be found at here

Next Important Thing : The Sluice Gate Theory: Have we found a solution for memory wall? Presentation slides can be found at here

Student Corner : Career in Graduate School and Beyond , a presentation for graduate students in engineering

Media Report : HPC-Wire: this week in review reports the C-AMAT model .

Special Invitead Article: (English) and (French) by HPC-Magazine on C-AMAT

特邀文章: C-AMAT:大数据时代的数据存取模型

Past Link can be found here (2012) and here (2010)

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