Research in Scalable Computing


Scalable Computing

A Distributed Network-Computing Environment

Basic Approach

Network Environment

Sensitivity of Non-Dedicated Computing - Process migration

Data Collection and Restoration

Memory Space Representation


Timing Results in Seconds

Scalable Networks of Workstations (SNOW)

Components of SNOW

Function of MCL

Software Components

Buffer Data Transfer (BDT) Mechanism

Execution Time Comparison

Major Results


Parallel Algorithms for Compact Schemes

4th Order Direct Solver

Table of Computation Time

Current Work: Wavelet Collocation Method

Advantage of Wavelet ADI Method

Adaptive Wavelet ADI for Flame Propagation

Performance Evaluation

Models of Speedup

Fixed-Size Model (Amdahl Law)

Fixed-Time Model (Gustafson)

Memory-Boundary Model (Sun & Ni)

Model of Speedup

Parallel Performance Metrics (Run-time is the dominant metric)


Scalability (cont.)

Isospeed Scalability

The Relation of Scalability and Time

Scaled Crossing Point

Application of Scaled Crossing Point

Range Comparison Via Performance Crossing Point

Range Comparison

Performance Prediction

Automatic Performance Prediction

The SCALA (SCALability Analyzer) System

The Structure of SCALA

Prototype Implementation

3D Demo

Future Research