Some Suggested Term Projects of CS595

Last modified Jan. 7, 2004


Pervasive computing and Web service is a very wide area, especially when we have extended our concern to middleware issues. Here I list some topics pumped out at this time. I will update this list from time to time.

General Topics


Survey on context-aware computing, location-aware computing, mobility, or certain pervasive techniques or applications. A starting point is IEEE Pervasive Computing Journal . Sample survey articles can be found at ACM Computing Survey

Pervasive Computing Applications

HawkTour and other pervasive computing application is being explored by the IPRO 305 team
Sensor applications, i.g. Wireless Network of Biomedical Sensors . This work is related Dr. Philip Troyk's research at IIT biomedical engineering department, or utilizes the Scarlet context-aware infrastructure with sensors.
Others, such as Personal Television Assistant (PTA), smart home theater, smart home, etc.


Computing mobility (process migration) in Pervasive Computing, see

High Performance Computing Mobility (HPCM) Middleware

Network mobility
File migration issues
Service migration


Grid Harvest Service

Performance Prediction Engine : It predicts the resource availability and the mean and variation of execution time of an application in grid environment. It is composed of system-level prediction and application-level prediction.
Performance Measurement Engine: It measures the characteristic of various resources: CPU, I/O devices, Network. Some of general characteristics of resources in a shared environment are availability, utilization and job arrival rate and service rate. The challenges in measurement are efficient and non-intrusive.
Task Manager Engine: It is the interface between GHS and users. Users enter the application characteristics and GHS returns possible scheduling patterns and prediction results. After negotiation, final task-resource mapping will be stored and tasks will be performed in selected resources.
Information Service: It provides resource and components of GHS registration and un-registration mechanisms. It provides components of GHS with information about the location and abilities of other components of GHS and status of resources (busy or idle).
Performance Database: It collects resource performance data from the Performance Measurement Engine and provides performance information query for Information Service.


Install and use the IXIA network traffic generator and measurement to measure and predic network performance

Web Service

Pervasive Communication