What and When

Sections 01 and 91 meet Monday, Wednesday, Friday from 2:10 pm to 3:00 pm in SB-232. SB stands for Stuart Building. SB is located at State and 31st Street.


Students should get familiar with discrete objects and structures. They should also develop their ability to think mathematically.


Virgil Bistriceanu (you are now in his home page)

Teaching Assistant

Yeong Kim


"Discrete Structures, Logic, and Computability"
James L. Hein
Jones and Bartlett Publishers, 1995
ISBN: 0-86720-477-X


Late homeworks won't be accepted as solutions are posted immediately after papers are collected.

For late programming assignments there is a 10% per business day penalty.

Everything you have to turn in is due at the beginning of the class the day the work is due.

Exams are open-book(s) open-notes.

Class attendance and participation will help settle the borderline grades.

Regular class attendance is important and students are expected to actively participate in class: questions and comments are always welcome.

Important events

Tentative Schedule

     Chapter         Hours         What
         1             6     Sets and other structures
       2.1             1     Functions: introduction
       2.2             1     Constructing functions
       2.3             2     Properties of functions
       2.4             1     Counting infinite sets
         3             5     Construction techniques
       4.4             2     Induction
       5.1             1     Optimal algorithms
       5.2             2     Elementary counting
       5.4             2     Function growth
        11             6     Regular languages and FA
Number representation  4
         6             5     Elementary logic
       7.1             2     First-order predicate calc.
      13.1             2     Turing Machines
                Total 42 


Unless otherwise stated all papers you turn in will be TYPED. No handwritten work is accepted. Each page will have a header as follows:

Each page will also have a footer:

The header and the footer will be Arial or Helvetica, 10 points, regular. The text for the paper itself will be typed using Times Roman (12 points regular, except for titles which may be larger and bold).

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