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cs445 - Fall 2018


Homeworks and Exams

Here you'll find posted homeworks, exams (after you take them) and overall class results for assignments.

  • HW-1. Posted 8/22, due 9/11.
  • HW-2. Posted 8/22, due 9/25.
  • HW-3. Posted 8/22, due 10/9.


The best project award of $300 - sponsored by Municipal Media ($200) and theSleepless, Inc. ($100) - is being split equally between two students:

Benjamin Bloemker Gyucheong Heo

Projects have been judged on:

  • Meeting the project requirements
  • Good application of S.O.L.I.D. principles
  • Clean Code (included here is very good automated unit test coverage)

To help you get started with RESTful services, please have a look at a small sample project that has everything you need:

NOTE: the sample code is available on the Blackboard. I'll move it soon to github.