Project API

For purposes of this API description, all URLs are relative to the base url of http://localhost:8080/sad

Also, all data is in JSON format. A GET request will return JSON. A PUT or POST will submit a JSON document.

To keep things simple, no authentication is required to access any resource.

NOTE: We'll accept any number of valid JSON that satisfy the requirements of this project.


POST /advertiser

Creates an advertiser. Returns the id of the account created.

HTTP response codes:

  • 201 (Created), 'Location' header with link to /admin/advertiser/{aid} containing new ID.
  • 400 (Bad Request) if the JSON being POST-ed is bad

Resource URL



  • name (required): advertiser name (first last).
  • address (required): advertiser address.
  • email (required): advertiser email address; must be unique across accounts.
  • phone (required): advertiser phone number.
  • facebook (optional): facebook name.
  • twitter (optional): twitter username.

Example Request

  POST http://localhost:8080/sad/admin/advertiser

Here is data being POST-ed


    "name": "The Summit Bed and Breakfast",
    "address": {
      "street": "123 Main Street",
      "city": "Anytown",
      "state": "Anystate",
      "zip": "12345"
    "email": "",
    "phone": "123-456-7890",
    "facebook": "",
    "twitter": ""   

Example Response

    "id": 123


GET /[{cid}/{cid}/.../{cid}]

Returns an array of listings under /[{cid}/{cid}/.../{cid}]. If no category ID is provided, then return the home page listings.

The array of listings returned includes an array of home-page-featured listings, an array of category-featured and an array of regular listings.

HTTP response codes: 200 (OK).

Resource URL



cid: e.g. "travel", "hotels", etc.

Example Request

  GET http://localhost:8080/sad/travel

Customer Service Representative

GET /csr/search?q=query_string

Returns an array of entities that match the query_string.

HTTP response code: 200 (OK).

Resource URL



q (optional): query string (aka keyword) used for search, if none specified, then everything matches.

Example Request

  GET http://localhost:8080/sad/csr/search?q=travel

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