cs445 - Spring 2013 Project Deliverables

1. Use Cases

Describe in detail the use cases that you have implemented.

2. UML Diagrams

Submit a detailed class diagram.

3. Testing

Submit the test code you've used to test your application. This is not the automated unit-testing, which you have to have for all your core application classes: instead, we're talking about the code that calls the application logic in order to prove various requirements function as described in the requirements.

Your textbook has multiple such test example, see for example the simplest one on page 6.

4. Source Code

This is simple and straightforward, we need your code such that we can build your project, deploy and then test it.

5. Required Memo

In addition to your source code and all the other things mentioned above you are required to submit a memo to your instructor that is flawlessly written. No spelling errors. No grammatical errors, etc. If the document is deemed unprofessional, then you don't get paid, er you don't get full credit for your work.

Your memo should state clearly the status of the project. Is it done or not? Does it meet all of the requirements? If anything is missing then state clearly what is missing from your work.

Failure to give a status for the assignment will result in a bad score for the assignment. Providing a status that's false or significantly misleading will also result in a bad grade for the entire assignment.

The other things that you should include in the memo are: (i) the number of hours you needed to get the code working, (ii) the number of hours you spent preparing your submission, and (iii) a list of challenges you faced while working on this assignment. Not required, however very nice to have, is a list of recommendations for how to make the assignment better, to the possible benefit of future generations.

Make sure your document is well-written, succinct, and easy to read. If you encountered problems with the project, then provide a detailed description of those problems and the solution(s) you found.

6. Assignment Submission

You should follow the assignment submission requirements spelled out in the syllabus.

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