cs445 - Spring 2016

Project - Questions And Answers


Many thanks to the following students who have contributed questions for this section and or have helped collect and document the questions and answers:

  • Jean-Rodney Larrieux
  • Jacob Freeman
  • Sang-il Yim
  • Parth Joshi

Q: [2/2] Do we need to develop the REST client?

A: No, you only need to implement the back-end.

Q: [2/2] Do we need to worry about credit card payment?

A: No, we're going to ignore payment in this project.

Q: [4/5] How do we handle holidays such as Easter?

A: We're going to ignore holidays and only apply the surcharge for week-end deliveries.

Q: [4/5] Are the food categories pre-defined?

A: Free style is ok for purposes of this project; in real life it will result in spurious categories being created just because of typos. If you have pre-defined categories, then you have to also write the code that validates what's being submitted when you create a new menu item.

Q: [4/5] Are there any order statuses other than "open" and "cancelled"?

A: Yes, we also have "delivered". I have updated the API (see POST /admin/delivery/{oid}) to reflect this use case.

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