cs450 - Summer 1997

Course Description

This introductory course should provide students with the basic concepts of operating systems (OS), types of OS and their organization. The two views of an OS, resource manager and provider of a virtual machine will be presented. Detailed descriptions of OS modules will be accompanied by examples of implementation.

Section 51 Section 92
Instructor Virgil Bistriceanu
Lecture TR 6:20 pm - 9:10 pm, SB-231
Office hours By appointment
Office SB-110
Phone (312) 567-5146
Fax (312) 567-5067
e-mail virgil@csam.iit.edu
Teaching Assistant NONE


cs331, cs350 or ee242, or written consent of instructor.


"Operating System Concepts (fourth edition)"
Abraham Silberschatz & Peter Galvin
Addison Wesley. ISBN: 0-201-50480-4


Late homeworks won't be accepted. Everything you have to turn in is due at the beginning of the class the work is due.

For programming assignments there is a 10% per business day penalty.

Exams are closed book(s) closed-notes.


What Hours
History, Evolution, and Philosophy of Operating systems 3
Processes 4
Process Coordination and Synchronization 4
Scheduling 3
Deadlocks 3
Physical and Virtual Memory Organization 3
Device Management 2
File Systems 4
Security and Protection 3
Communication and Networking 3
Distributed, Real-Time, and Multiprocessor Operating Systems 3
Examples of Operating Systems 4
Examinations 4

Important events


Unless otherwise stated all papers you turn in will be TYPED. No handwritten work is accepted. Each page will have a header as follows:

Each page will also have a footer:

The header and the footer will be Arial, 10 points, regular. The text for the paper itself will be typed using Times Roman (12 points regular, except for titles which may be larger and bold).

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