Presentation Date Topic Student Initials Live Presentation?
11/13/12 Session Hijacking VNS Y
11/13/12 LDAP/Active Directory Authentication in a Unix Environment RJA Y
11/13/12 Hashcat JB Y
11/13/12 Vulnerabilities in Current Biometric Technologies LN Y
11/13/12 Attacks Against Mobile Devices Using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi UC Y
11/13/12 Using Malware to Investigate Censorship MGU N
11/13/12 Legal Issues Related to Mobile Privacy BJS N
11/13/12 FOSS Forensic Tools JB N
11/20/12 HADOPI LPL Y
11/20/12 Attacks Against Wi-FI Access Points LT Y
11/20/12 History of PGP JPS Y
11/20/12 Quantum Encryption BML Y
11/20/12 DDoS Attacks HK Y
11/20/12 Data Storage Security in Cloud Computing WS N
11/20/12 DOS Attacks WO N
11/20/12 Conventional Warfare Options in Response to Cyberwarfare GRB N
11/20/12 SQL Injection ZMS N
11/20/12 User Password Management RL N
11/27/12 Cyberwarfare DAH Y
11/27/12 DRM Schemes MLB Y
11/27/12 zergRush JLY Y
11/27/12 Total Information Security APA Y
11/27/12 Analysis of a Rootkit DKS Y