Presentation Date Topic Student Initials Live Presentation?
11/12 Quantum Key Distribution MSD Y
11/12 TBA HN Y
11/12 The Duqu Worm YH Y
11/12 Biometrics Identification JM Y
11/12 Exploitation of Rounding Vulnerabilities in Internet Banking Applications PP Y
11/12 TBA SA N
11/19 Password Security TKT Y
11/19 Email Security SPP Y
11/19 OS-X Login Security DAP Y
11/19 Steganography and Steganalysis FIT Y
11/19 Biometrics for Information Security MDSD Y
11/26 Quantum Computing and Cryptography AL Y
11/26 Anatomy of a Malware YAB Y
11/26 NSA: a Giant Security Threat? RME Y
11/26 Public Certificates Use in South Korea WK Y
11/26 Securing VOIP BB Y