Presentation Date Topic Student Initials Live Presentation?
4/12/10 The Anatomy of Malware RTV Y
4/12/10 Wi-Fi Security JIT Y
4/19/10 Mobile Attacks EWS Y
4/19/10 Security Issues in Cloud Computing ZAC Y
4/19/10 Voice Security in landline/voip/2G/3G/4G IBS Y
4/19/10 Security in Cyber-Physical Systems FCL Y
4/26/10 Security Psychology MVK Y
4/26/10 Spoofing and Sniffing ALP Y
4/26/10 Steganography and Steganalysis JS Y
4/26/10 Kerberos RJ Y
4/26/10 Email Security SK N
4/26/10 Security Threats for Passive RFID Systems and Upcoming Solutions SW N